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This will sound obvious in 3 years

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

From Digiday:

“Newsletters are the darling of the digital media industry again. Publishers like Axios, Eater, The Guardian, theSkimm and Snopes are either growing or revamping their newsletter offerings, tailoring new emails to specific audiences with more personality-driven content…”

This was the one of the most important predictions from my book. As content becomes cheap, verifiable human creations will be the scarcity.

Scarce = valuable.

Yes, newsletters will be the way forward for real human creators — whether they’re bloggers, YouTubers, or podcasters. The common denominator among everyone online for the foreseeable future is still the email address.

But I would add an important caveat. The big newsletters are still too dependent on automation-heavy platforms, an outdated ad model, and paid referral traffic. None of these things screams, “a real person did this.”

All newsletters will eventually become personal newsletters. It’s about trust and relationship-building.

It’ll be a race among the smartest newsletters now to see who can be brave enough to be more human. I see it in smaller companies, but these big boys don’t quite get it yet.