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Trust Without Metrics

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

From Maneetpaul Singh:

“Our inboxes are a sacred place. As someone who’s purchased several digital products before, I buy from people I trust. Being thrown into an automated sales sequence is the last thing that builds trust.“

The problem is that it works.

Only for now, and only for short-term sales, but it still works. As long as that’s true, short-term thinkers (which is just about everyone who needs to keep an eye on quarterly numbers to keep their jobs) will stick with the status quo.

“Email marketing in the creator economy has become toxic.”

This is the bigger point for me lately. Concentrating on metrics is bad both ways — for the customer/reader and the creator.

I don’t like the word “toxic,” as it’s often overused and misused, but I agree if it means that concentrating on the short-term payoffs will burn you out. Some creators are OK with burn out, if it leads to a decent retirement plan, but I don’t think anyone reading this wants to be shallow, burned-out creator…or person.

Invest for the long term in everything. It’s old, obvious, and rarely-taken advice.