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The Romantic Locations Where A Lesser Photographer Was Written

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

I stumbled across this book in the library recently, which appears to tap into a romanticism about the places writers create books and the places written about in the books.

Photographers have it somewhat easy in this department. We can see where you were when the photographs were created. We get the vibe.

But that doesn't mean we get to see where the book is actually put together or written. In that sense, you're in the same boat as writers.

The reader can imagine what they want about that part of process, but no working writer or publisher I know has a romantic process or place for doing these things. It's often sufficient to be away from screaming children for half an hour.

Want to know where the A Lesser Photographer book was written? It was mostly written in this parking lot. And the final editing took place in this parking lot.

How's that for romantic?

Get the work done anyway you can. Don't be fancy about it. Just get it out there.