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Why Relationships Matter More Than Products

I've been listensing to Brad Dowdy's podcast and reading his blog for years.  So, when he has a product to sell, I buy it. I like him and I like his product. It's a no brainer. Even if I didn't like the product, I'd probably buy it as a fan.

A nameless software developer, who creates a superior app I have used the hell out out of, is not a nice person. He regularly bad mouths people and ideas I like on his podcast. He blocks me on Twitter for some reason (I don't think I've ever tweeted anything to him directly). Even though his product is superior, I've uninstalled it and use one of his competitors.

Relationships are everything.

Brad and I today at the Chicago Pen Show. 

Brad and I today at the Chicago Pen Show. 


Brad's company makes the best pen cases and notebooks you'll find. Get yours here.

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