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Worthwhile Reads

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
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Back when Google Reader’s closure was announced, I was asked by a few readers to reveal what sites were in my RSS reader. When there’s millions of photo sites out there saying the same things, listening to the same podcasts and buying the same equipment, it can be hard to distinguish one from another.

However, this also makes it easy to identify those who deviate from the norm with new and interesting ideas. That’s who I read.

So, I made a short, incomplete list of my daily photography reading. It’s incomplete because I often receive the most insight from non-photography-related artists on Twitter and ADN (I’m @cjchilvers on both).

Jorge Quinteros - Jorge is the kind of photographer I was before this whole lesser thing, only with a much better blog. He’s the future. I always find something interesting on his blog or Twitter feed.

Guy Tal - A reader fist recommended Guy’s blog. It may be the most contemplative personal photo blog I’ve read.

Chase Jarvis - Chase (or as I call him, the other CJ) was one of the original lesser photographers. His posts are about 50% great ideas and 50% promotion. I forgive the promotions, because I figure he’s afflicted with the disorder of being a hip professional photographer. Those fedoras don’t pay for themselves.

LensWork Daily - This is the blog of the best photography magazine and podcast out there. No fluff. Always interesting.

The Zen Photographer - I’m new to this one, but I expect big things.

David duChemin - Another of the original lesser photographers, his focus on vision and craft is nice change. His publishing company is simply ingenious.

A Photo Editor - You don’t get more opposite of amateur than this blog founded by a former photo editor for print magazines. I disagree with a lot of the posts, but in their search for meaning in the industry, they often stumble across pure gems.

Here’s some of the sites where I find quite a few interesting ideas that may not directly be about photography, but apply to photographers.

Any suggestions? Let me know on Twitter.