Why you should always run out into a blizzard

A blizzard blew into town earlier this week and I figured it would be a great test of my compact camera experiment (almost at the 1-year mark now) in the most extreme of conditions. Bad weather always means great photography: dramatic scenes, few people to get in the way and unique photos that can’t be duplicated in the future.

With the companionship of two DSLR-laiden friends and the promise of a local forest preserve devoid of crowds, I set out with my trusty S-90 in my coat pocket.

Along the way, I remembered the best part about winter photography: it’s made for minimalists. It’s all about patterns and texture.

And when there is color, it’s simple and striking:

Writing is an endless lonely journey into the darkness of your own ego. Photography is an endless lonely journey into the darkness of your own ego with air miles.
— Richard Mosse via A Photo Editor

Are you trying to tell me that at some certain age, you stop making good music? That’s absurd. I can only do this until I’m 20 years old? When I was 20, I was a fuckin’ idiot! I don’t check the IDs of people before I listen to their albums.
King Buzzo, The Melvins and Fantomas

Here’s what life comes down to: not how many years you live, but how many of those years are filled with bullshit that doesn’t amount to anything to satisfy the requirements of some dickheads you’ll never get the pleasure of punching in the face.
Adam Carolla’s new book, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks

Gear is easier to talk about than vision. Exposures are exact, the camera dials have numbers. There is a ‘right’ answer to many of these questions.
Chase Jarvis

The Case Against Personal Blogging

Every now and then I question the wisdom of personal (or generalized) blogging. Sure, back in the 90s, you could derive a lot of benefit from the practice, because so few people were doing it. Jason Kottke immediately springs to mind as the general-topic blogger everyone wanted to emulate.

This past decade, personal blogging became about building a personal brand. It meant putting yourself out there for future employers or clients.

But there are opponents of this approach. Web celebrity doesn’t work for everyone.

Recently, Todd Dominey (of the very popular, somewhat general-topic blog What Do I Know) discussed why he stopped blogging to focus on product creation on The Big Web Show

I found that at a particular point, I wasn’t quite sure what I was contributing to the conversation anymore. I felt like there were so many blogs and there were so many people leaving comments on websites…you’re so tempted to write something, but who’s going to read it? And what impact will it make? And is it really the best use of your time at that particular moment?

It wasn’t, for me, [about] having a lack of things I wanted to say or to vocalize. It was a matter of time, and, also, just not quite sure where my place was in it and what the value of it was anymore.

Nick Cernis takes it a step further in a classic anti-personal branding post (from his not-so-personal personal site):

I’d rather people talked about the stuff I make than about me.

For me, the greatest sign of success is when the things you create are more famous than you are: it says that you’ve contributed something bigger and better than yourself to the world; that you’ve had a positive net effect on the planet; that you’ve spent your time building something that’s wonderful, beautiful, or useful; something that will outlive you and continue to improve the lives of others for years to come.

I’ve always felt more comfortable letting my products do the speaking for me. This coming year I have several products coming out (mostly content based) and I think I’ll let those products have a brand - I’ll try to have a life.

Get Pro Results From Your Compact Camera

I spotted this article, by professional photographer Scott Bourne, on Twitter. For those new to this site, Scott was a well-known opponent of some of the Lesser Photographer ideas in the past, who has since come around to our way of thinking.