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Amateurs vs. Pros

Amateur bashing is back in season. Shane Parrish [] : > “Amateurs are scared — scared to be vulnerable and honest with themselves. Professionals feel like they are capable of handling almost anything.” > “What’s holding you back? Are you hanging around people who are

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How to Avoid Photography Tips

I worry about you. Every time I see another popular tip article, I worry you’re reading it and killing untold brain cells. * 149 Tips and Tricks for Your DSLR * 55 Tips for Absolute Beginners * 30 Amazing Ways to Up Your Lightroom Game * 405 Cameras You Must Try Before Die

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"Photographer" Among Worst Jobs of 2015

Once again, the job of Photographer lands near the bottom of the annual list of best/worst careers at #171 of 200, with an average income of $29,267.00. Go Amateur.