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How to Be the Dumbest Person in the Room

James Altucher recently posted about the smartest piece of financial advice he'd ever received []: > "Everyone has to be smarter than me for me to get involved." The whole post is a great story of ups and downs that'

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The Value of Attention

I see it all the time. A big-name author or rock star enjoys the adulation of millions of fans, but takes home a fraction of the income of a C-level executive or investor. Both envy each other, but I don't know anyone who would honestly take fame over

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Bank People

Om Malik []: > "A wise man once told me that I shouldn’t worry about banking the money. Instead, he said, bank people for in the end they will truly enrich your life."

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Don't Worry About Your "Platform"

You need to have a podcast! You need to be on Snapchat! You need a Youtube channel! You need a newsletter! Why? Fame? Money? I know plenty of famous people (even rock stars) who have less in the bank, fewer prospects and less time for family and friends than people

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You Can Control Your Portfolio Allocation Your

> “You can control your portfolio allocation, your own education, who you listen to, what you read, what evidence you pay attention to, and how you respond to certain events. You cannot control what the Fed does, laws Congress sets, the next jobs report, or whether a company will beat

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How to Make Money with Your Photography

Are you still not content to remain an amateur? Are you still trying to figure out a way to make a few bucks from your photography? Believe it or not, there’s two ways to make money with photography that will never die out, even as the rest of the