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Just putting it out there

Publish your weird ideas in public. You never know who’s listening. Back in May 2021, I posted this idea about a guitar design to Twitter, tagging EVH guitars: I asked EVH for a Nuno-style version of the guitar (which is a natural-finish ash or swamp ash guitar body with

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Attracting Readers: Social Media

I won’t go into the usual ways to promote your newsletter on social media, because there’s too many strategies to name: automations, DMs, who to follow, etc. I’ll just tell you about two strategies that have worked for me more than any others I’ve done (and

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Why keep old tweets?

I decided to delete my first 10,000 tweets. More will be deleted in time. Why? The more important question is “why not?” I see no advantages in keeping an archive on any social media platform, and lots of potential disadvantages.

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How One Music Retailer is Beating Amazon

Anderton’s is a music gear store in England, focused mostly on guitars, that really gets social media. Their YouTube videos feature really good musicians having a really good time experimenting with the equipment they sell. Their best videos [] involve the two primary

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How to Get Around Instagram's New Terms of Service

Own your images. Host them on your website. Make your own terms of service. Either that or let them go. Update: Instagram rolled back their terms of service after pressure from their users…for now. That’s the point: it’s up to them what ultimately happens with your images.