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Principles for Newsletters

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
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My new book, Principles for Newsletters, condenses the most important lessons I’ve learned from 37 years of newsletter publishing down into 49 short principles.

There's no fancy launch, special editions, courses, or workbooks. Just $5 for the ebook in every popular format. Square deal.

WARNING! This book is not for creators who want millions of subscribers. This book is for creators who want a sane number of lifelong readers.

From Patrick Rhone:

"My friend CJ Chilvers has a new book out. He has 37 years of newsletter publishing experience under his belt — both personal and professional for companies you know. Well worth the $5.00 if you have any interest in this stuff at all."

From Jamie Thingelstad:

"I’ve followed CJ Chilvers writing for years now. His newsletter is one that I learn from and find inspiration in. He just released Principles for Newsletters that brings his 37 years of newsletter experience together in 49 lessons. Just $5. Instant buy for me."

From Claire Zulkey:

"was just reading an excerpt of @CJ Chilvers book on newsletter best practices. The brevity, insight and philosophy are aspirational—def worth the $5 on Gumroad."