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You’re Doing Email Marketing Wrong

The time and money invested in email is going to the wrong places. Investing for the long-term with relationship and content marketing is the best use of your funds. But short-term-focused marketing emails still represent the vast majority of spending. As long as that’s true, where should that spending

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The Most Important Call to Action for Your Readers

From the Mailchimp for Agencies newsletter, issue #60 [] : > “When I’m doing a newsletter for Small Biz Triage, there’s only ever one call to action,” Rasmussen says. “That is ‘Reply.’ Write back with a question, ask to meet up for coffee, I

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The Importance of Being Small

I've received hundreds of suggestions about how to grow my list [] (my primary publishing outlet). Dozens of people approach me about doing podcasts on everything from music to photography to self-help, so I can boost my "visibility" to the creative community. A few online course