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Opens Wins

RSS is still the way. I’ve written about the utility and idealism of RSS in the past, but I think enough time has passed for us to reflect on whether the anti-RSS decade we’ve just been through worked for anyone. Were consumers better off? Were publishers better off?

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Your Smartest Dumb Tech

If the resurgence of blogging and newsletters wants to remain sane, it should really be a resurgence of RSS. Email has new problem. For the longest time, I’ve advocated for publishing by email as the most independent, universal, and effective form of getting the word out about anything. That’

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A Good Philosophy for Personal Publishing

From Om Malik []: > “I have often lamented that the ‘why’ of blogging got overtaken by the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ with the tools and format becoming the primary focus. Ironically I made the same mistake with my newsletter. I don’t work

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Completionism is a Disease

I admit it, I am a completionist. I read every tweet in my Twitter feed. I read every blog headline in my RSS reader. I listen to every episode of my favorite podcasts and at least read through the notes of the podcasts I half-like in case there's

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My Rules of Publishing (for 2015)

1. The blog is the most perfect publishing format ever made for reaching the greatest number of people. 2. It’s never too late to start a high quality blog. There’s very few of them. 3. Email is even better than blogging for attracting high quality readers and keeping