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time management

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Book Review: Four Thousand Weeks

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals [] by Oliver Burkeman I have to admit, this is the time management book I probably would have written myself. Is there’s anything better for your time and project management than having someone else write your book for you?

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Should We Stop Listening to Podcasts?

When you mention time and attention theft, most creators think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (which I call Facebook II). They usually don’t think about Youtube or podcasts, which have the same issues: the ad model and all its abuses to the listener, and the lack of quality in

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Chris Ducker on Time Management

Chris Ducker has spent years studying and implementing time management techniques, and writing about what he's learned. He agrees with a growing number of my peers that schedules beat to do lists. In fact, in a recent episode [] of his podcast, he

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How to Podcast Daily

A collection of Seth Godin quotes I put together on why you should blog daily [] has started making the rounds again on social media. Great! I love the idea of blogging daily, and admire anyone actually attempting it. But, what if you did the same

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Schedule Your Thinking

Tom Kelley and David Kelley in Harvard Business Review []: > “Schedule daily 'white space' in your calendar, where your only task is to think or take a walk and daydream. When you try to generate ideas, shoot for 100 instead of 10.