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A Lesser Photographer

2nd Edition (2018)

Create better photographs with less. Less gear. Less anxiety. Less stress. Less fear.

A Lesser Photographer is an exploration into the only gear that really matters: the gear between your ears.

It’s available now in paperback and Kindle.

Praise for the first edition:

“For something beautiful and well-said, check out A Lesser Photographer.” — David duChemin

“Amazing read…I really recommend everyone get a copy.” — Chris Marquardt

“CJ Chilvers reevaluates what it means to be a photographer in this manifesto. Most of the points apply to virtually any creative endeavor or obsession. ‘The real show is outside the viewfinder.’” — Jim Coudal

“I have to say, CJ has a great attitude. If you care at all about photography, he’s a must read.” — Patrick Rhone

“Every photographer should follow CJ Chilvers.” — Eric Kim