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Seth Godin on Why You Should Start a Podcast

It’s the same reason you should start a blog, newsletter, or any public, creative outlet for yourself. Here’s Seth (from his podcast [], of course): > “The middlemen have not yet come along that make it financially feasible for the typical person to

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Should We Stop Listening to Podcasts?

When you mention time and attention theft, most creators think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (which I call Facebook II). They usually don’t think about Youtube or podcasts, which have the same issues: the ad model and all its abuses to the listener, and the lack of quality in

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You Don't Need to Start a Podcast

With all [] the [] cheerleading [] for podcasting, including some I've done myself, it can seem like you're really missing out if you haven't started one. Which is why I enjoyed getting a

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The Message vs. the Book

Being published by a big time publisher does not mean you’ll be read by a lot of people. You could probably reach more people with your message through a blog or podcast. Actually, you could probably reach even more people through someone else’s blog or podcast, or even

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The Importance of Being Small

I've received hundreds of suggestions about how to grow my list [] (my primary publishing outlet). Dozens of people approach me about doing podcasts on everything from music to photography to self-help, so I can boost my "visibility" to the creative community. A few online course